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How To Clean Baby Brezza Sterilizer?

“Making parenting easy” is the motto that baby Brezza aims to achieve. It is a high end brand that tries to resolve all the new parents’ problems and make life comfortable and enjoyable for them.

It comes up with products related to baby feeding and formula preparation, baby diapering and  travelling with your baby. Baby Brezza website has a huge range of delicious and nutritious recipes for you which will be very helpful if you are a first time mom and live alone.

Furthermore, it is best known for its bottle washers, food preps, bottle warmers and sterilizers . If you are the one who already uses Baby Brezza sterilizer this article will help you learn how to clean one.

When it comes to using a new product, we must be aware of its components and their assembly.  So read till the end if you want to learn how to assemble, use and clean your Baby Brezza sterilizer.

How To Clean Baby Brezza Sterilizer


  •  The first top part is the lid which you can go ahead and take off whenever you want to use it.
  •  The second part  is the accessory rack. Moving ahead, you’ll have the metal heating plate or the stainless steel heater plate.
  • Further, you’ll have the sterilizer base which is a whole thing with the LCD control panel right down. You’ve also got a fan and the squiggly lines that represent power button. A couple of squiggly lines and the fan  basically are an automatic thing.
  •   Moreover, inside there is a new line there’s supposed to be a fill line somewhere 120 milliliters that looks like it just covers up the base.
  •  On the very bottom of this you have a filter and this can be taken out and cleaned you should do this monthly according to the manual. 
  •  You have to use a little screwdriver to get those open also before you sterilize your bottles you also need to clean the bottles.  

How to Use Baby Brezza Sterilizer:

First and foremost,  add water to just that max fill line,  then go ahead and set the accessory rack above it.

 When you put this lid on there’s an arrow right here on the front and there’s an arrow right down there.  Line those arrows up put this thing on make sure it closes.

Once it is closed and sealed all the way,  go ahead and plug this in it will make a beeping sound.  

It is going to have boiling water in it so turn the power on and it’ll show you a timer readout right down there at the bottom.

 It has multiple buttons which suggest you to dry only, to sterilize only, or to dry and sterilize. Moreover, you can automatically sterilize without setting up a timer options. You can sterilize bottles for about 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes, it is up to you which one do you choose.

 There are five holes at the top of the unit that should allow the steam to escape once the sterilization starts. Similarly, you’ll hear a beep sound. When the sterilization is completed, remove the lid and your bottles are sterilized and ready to use.

How to Clean Baby Brezza Sterilizer

  • Refrain from dishwashing any parts of the sterilizer. Please use hot, soapy water to clean the accessory tree and lid.
  • The base and control console can be cleaned with a moist cloth. Wipe the heating plate with a soft, moist cloth after each operation to prevent the accumulation of mineral scale.
  • Another way to clean the Baby Brezza sterilizer is to use white vinegar. Take plain vinegar and pour it onto the sterilizer and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • After leaving it over for sometime, take a wet cloth or paper towel and clean the sterilizer thoroughly. Now dry it with another paper towel and it’s ready to use again.
How To Clean Baby Brezza Sterilizer


You can prolong the useful life of your Baby Brezza appliances by using Baby Brezza Descaler to remove mineral scale from them.

When minerals in the water you’re using are left behind after the water evaporates, it can result in mineral scale. Over time, these minerals can tarnish your heating plate and compromise its functionality.

Descaling on a monthly basis helps avoid this. Distilled water is another option; it contains no minerals. You can use the Distilled Water from Baby Brezza to descale the product.

You can easily buy Baby Brezza products from Amazon even if you don’t live in USA.


Word of caution is you want to be sure not to move this unit when it is in the process of heating, cooling or drying your bottles because there is very hot liquid in here the water is literally boiling inside.

 Therefore, there is a possibility of scalding. The lid does not latch on so if you bump it the lid can fall off and it can just release a bunch of steam which will scald you and cause burns on your skin or your child’s skin so be sure to keep your children away from using this unit as well.

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