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How to Organize Baby Dresser?

When parents are blessed with a child, they want to provide them all of life’s comforts. The soon-to-be parents begin gathering ideas for their baby’s nursery room even before the child is born.

 Read this post for some brilliant ideas on how to arrange the baby dresser in a small space if you have limited room yet want to accommodate the necessities for a newborn in your own room.

How to Organize a Baby Dresser:

How to Organize Baby Dresser

Organizing clothes:

You can use multiple sized acrylic or plastic bins/baskets to store different clothing items in a dresser. Acrylic bins will help you see each color and each print clearly so you can save time looking for things that you need.

Bodysuits, rompers, and hoodies for babies can go in the larger container. Burp cloths and bibs should be stored in a separate, smaller bin. For mittens, stockings, and caps, use a different basket.

You can store warmers, sleep suits and inner suits in a different basket if it’s winter season. For bathing your babies, you can have a rage of towels too in a separate organizer.

 Moreover, extra pajamas, t shirts and onesies can be kept separately to avoid mistress if your baby vomits or pees suddenly.

Your child’s accessories will undoubtedly exceed those of boys if it’s a girl. Another container can be used to store her headbands, bows matching hair pins and scrunchies.

Arranging diaper changing accessories:

If you have a newborn, his diapers will be very small so they can fit into the drawer in a three-four row situation. If you don’t stock things up, you can save the space using dividers and keep the other changing necessities like wipes, liners, cotton, changing mats, nappy rash cream etc. in the same drawer.

Feeding Essentials:

For your newborns, you’ll want to shop every chic thing you see in the mart. But when it comes to arranging the things, most parents can’t manage it.

Feeding essentials for newborns include their feeders, pacifiers, hot water flask and powdered milk ( if the child doesn’t rely on breast feeding).   

 Choose the nearest drawer from the dresser to keep them as they are the most used  items in the day or at night. You wouldn’t want to get up from your bed at midnight and walk through your room to feed your baby so its best if you keep these things within your reach.

Necessary Medication:

When you area new mom you’ll have to deal with multiple problems a newborn baby goes through. Sometimes its cough, fever or flue and other times it may be nappy rashes or skin infections.

Therefore you must divide the medication drawer keeping the ointments and creams  separate from syrups and drops. This way you won’t be mixing things up in case of any emergency.

Baby Cosmetics:

If you are a parent who loves neat and clean babies you must clean them every day.  Baby cosmetics include baby oils, lotions, hand creams, colognes, shampoo, soaps, cotton pads and face wipes etc.

In order to clean your baby everyday, these things should be kept nearby. They can be separated by their size  or color, it depends upon how you like them to be.


For a new born to 2 month old baby, toys do not hold that much importance but babies elder then them are prone to be attracted towards lights, toys, sounds etc.

To avoid any injury and keep them safe, you should pick up stuffed toys for little babies. You can store all their toys in a separate drawer.

Swaddles, wrapping blankets and Carry nests:

  A newborn definitely needs to be wrapped in multiple layers to keep him warm and to make it easier to pick him up. Hence you should have multiple swaddles and wrapping clothes that need to be kept in a separate drawer.

Carry nests will make it easier for you to bring your child with you if you’re a working mother. You can pick another big drawer from the dresser to keep these items.

How to Organize Baby Dresser

Things to keep in mind while buying a dresser:

  • Baby dresser is a must have for storing baby clothes, diapers and other essentials.  You should opt for a dresser that has enough storage space.
  • Choose a dresser with dividers and label them for quick identification, it make things easy to access.
  • Sorting is the foundation organizing. You can sort things in the dresser using small baskets , it helps keeping each item at its place.
  •  Certain dressers might have a stylish appearance but they are difficult to clean. Opt for a dresser that is easily manageable.
  • You should choose a dresser that can also be used as a changing table so that you don’t have to buy a separate one and it’ll also save some space.


When it comes to creating a layout for the baby dresser, you should think practically. Things that are most used like baby diapers, changing sheets, powdered milk, boiled water, pacifiers and necessary medications should be placed nearby .

If you want to provide your baby a neat and tidy nursery space but you live in a small property, you should invest in multi purpose dressers with built in drawers and dividers as they keep products within reach. These dividers can be easily nest together to save space when not in use.

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